San Diego Bible Bowl

Members of the Churches of Christ have been known for knowing their Bible for decades.  Do we anymore?  Do our kids?  Too often we don’t know our Bible, so how can we say we practice its teachings?  Bible Bowl is a contest among kids of 3rd-12th grade, who study every verse of a complete book of the Bible.   A question and answer booklet (called a “question bank”) is given to each participant several weeks before the competition.

In 2010, 152 kids from 12 congregations from Los Angeles to the border gathered on Saturday, March 6th at the North County Church of Christ in Escondido.  The book was Exodus.  2010 marked the 12th annual Bible Bowl!

The winners are those who know the book the best.  The competition has three parts with participants competing only in their respective grade division (elementary, middle school, or high school):

  • Written tests (used to award scholarships to Abilene, Lubbock or Oklahoma Christian Universities):  Written tests include multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank and chapter identification sections.  (Buzzer round participation is not necessary for eligibility.)
  • Buzzer round (a team “game show type” competition):  A double elimination event for two competing teams from the same division.  Three buzzer rounds are held simultaneously in three auditoriums.  Small teams can be combined with a small team from other participating congregations to make a complete team of 3-5 players.
  • Cube round:  A silent multiple choice team competition to afford those who are eliminated from the buzzer rounds to continue to play.  These rounds are also perfect for those who have the knowledge of the Word but are too shy or not fast enough during the buzzer rounds to contribute to their team’s success.  Your team need not be in the buzzer round to compete in this round; however, if your team competes in the buzzer round, at least three of its players must continue to the cube round to enter the cube round.

One goal is that each child becomes confident with a skill of studying the Bible, to find God’s answers to every spiritual question that they are faced with for the rest of their life.  Prizes are awarded such as trophies, medals, camp and Christian university scholarships.  All participants receive a t-shirt and a medal of participation.  Another goal is for all the kids to build relationships with other kids their age outside of their own congregation.  This will give them more spiritual confidence with their faith.

Everyone benefits from this effort and you can, too.  Christians from many congregations work together and show good sportsman ship and brotherly love.  If you want to get involved, contact .  There are plenty of needs.  If you can come for at least part of that day, you will proudly remember it forever.  If nothing else, encourage kids to participate for their sake.