Fund Raising

The Foundation has two major fundraising events:

Banquet with Keynote Speaker

A fund-raising banquet is typically held every eighteen months in an effort to raise funds used to provide scholarships for needy children, who desire to attend Southwestern Christian School or the Mt. Palomar Bible Camp and to insure proper maintenance and additions to these facilities during the year.  Past speakers include Art Linkletter, Gene Stallings, David Davenport, Ken Starr,  and General Tommy Franks.

Kenneth Starr                                                  General Tommy Franks

Annual Golf Tournament

Annually, the Foundation sponsors a Golf  Tournament.  Proceeds from the event have been used to buy new computers for the student lab, fund middle school development and provide tuition assistance.

Donate Online

You can also support our ministry by donating online.  Please follow this link to make your contribution.

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